All In 1 Hooper

The Ultimate Hooping Tool!

It has five boards embedded into one device!

Adults, Juniors, Toddlers, Infants & Sleeve Board!

All collapse independently to adjust to the size needed!

The All in 1 Hooper is the only device in the industry that works with
every garment & hoop size without having to purchase additional attachments!!

Limited Time Offer
Free Shipping
Made in USA


Saves Space, Time & Money!
Everything Included at One Low Price!

The All in 1 Hooper Works With All Tubular Hoops!!
Home machines and Industrial machines
Small - Large - Round - Square - Oval



All In 1 Hooper Features

Five Devices in one Unit!!
1. Adult Board!
2. Youth Board!
3. Infant Board!
4. Sleeve Board!
5. Extension Arms!

Quick and easy to convert to other size shirt boards which will speed up your production.

The most cost effective device in the industry due to it's ability to work with all sizes of hoops and
garments without having to purchase additional attachments or devices.

Includes the Leveler Pro & Sleeve Board Pro!
All Hoop Bracket Included for ALL hoop sizes!
Placement Cards for repeat orders!
Color Coded Placement stickers!
Hoop Front & Back of garments!

Never Measure Again!!

Contoured Shoulder for Natural Wear!

Comes With Leveler Pro and Sleeve Board Pro!!


Regular Price $775.00 + Freight

Limited Time Offer
Free Shipping
Made in USA

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